Why Attend a Seminar on a Cruise Ship?

We all love attending seminars and workshops to improve our craft or business. But, if you are like me you aren’t always excited about the location or venue for the event.

Flying to Las Vegas sounds exciting but I’m not into gambling. Orlando is full of large crowds and big cities can be hard to enjoy after a long day of classes. Hotels, cabs, meals all add up and tickets for top-notch entertainment are out of this world!

I love structured activities but also like a little flexibility to do things independently without it breaking the budget.

I love to travel to new and exciting new places and experiencing new things but I also like the “comforts of home.”

Meeting new people, networking with fellow artisans, getting to know industry celebrities and sharing experiences with people and associates that share the same interests is icing on the cake!

Attending a seminar while on a cruise is all of that and more!

Imagine enjoying Broadway-type shows, listening to live bands, singing karaoke! Having time to relax and enjoy a hassle-free trip while seeing incredible sights and choosing from a huge variety of dining options.

You even have the option of including your better-half or the whole family. There are tons of activities for them to enjoy while you attend the workshops. The Carnival Kids Camp, water park, ropes course, miniature golf, sports courts, swimming pools and 24 hour ice cream are all free of charge. Adults can enjoy trivia games, the casino, or the spa!

All for one, reasonable price!

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