Why Carole Criddle?

There are many, many travel and cruise agents out there! Heck, I even paid $500 at one time to take a course to be a cruise agent. I slogged my way through many workshops, video’s, tests, had business cards made, and even got a phone number for my “new business!” Let me tell you, it’s not easy to be a travel agent. So many details to work out so clients can have the best vacation ever!

In 2005, when I finally convinced my husband to commit to going on our first cruise, I had 9 months to get it all figured out. Yes, it was just as exciting as waiting for a new baby… lol!

I worked full time so on Friday night I started making phone calls to agents to get more information about cruising. No luck. Saturday morning I hit it again. I called several numbers with not one real person answering until I happened to call Carole Criddle with Planet Cruiseship from a google search.

As soon as we started our conversation, I knew she was the perfect person to help me. Having never cruised, I had so many questions! She was so patient and gave me a great start on our new adventure. I had done quite a bit of research but there were still so many little details I had questions about.

So began our new passion… cruising! Yes, our first cruise was even better than I even dreamed it would be! We booked a cruise for every year for several years. Then we moved to Sugar Land, Texas, an hour away from Galveston! Now we have done about 18 cruises and have a couple more booked!

Through the years I tried to book my own, used a Carnival Personal Vacation Planner, and went through another travel agent while booking with friends. No bad experiences but I always felt more comfortable booking through Carole because I knew the details were always taken care of. I also knew I would get the best possible pricing available.

As I began thinking of putting together this group cruise she was the first person I contacted with my ideas! Thank heavens we will have her onboard with us all of the way!

Why I Love Carole:

Very professional in all dealings.

I can email her and get a response immediately.

She has my information on file and so I don’t have to go through it all every time we book

She keeps in touch on a regular basis.

All questions are always answered.

Never had an issue with anything.

Sweet little thank you gifts!

Will quickly give me a quote every time I feel the urge to plan a cruise.

Tracks price-drops for me.

Makes planning a dream vacation stress free!

I fully recommend Carole as travel agent for any vacation plans! Contact her at PlanetCruiseShip!

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