Start a Cruise Fund!

Let’s save for that FPBT cruise! I know taking a cruise or any kind of a vacation can be a real luxury for most. But, with a year to plan ahead I bet we can save enough money on daily things to easily pay for it! Let’s start a cruise fund and see how much you can earn in a year.

Here are some suggestions that work for me:

Drink water! It’s much healthier and much cheaper than drinking soda. Stay away from Starbucks and those expensive drinks!

Save your change and $1 bills. Every night put your change and dollar bills in a glass jar and watch it grow! I save my dollar bills to use when we cruise. That way I have plenty of bills to use for tips and on the islands!

Cut out fast food. This un-healthy choice is getting very expensive but we don’t think about it. Plan ahead for meals and throw something in the crock-pot so you aren’t tempted to just grab a meal on the go.

Do you really need all those channels? Honestly, our DirectTV bill is outrageous! Call and have them remove all the junk you never watch anyway and negotiate a cheaper contract.

Get a cash back credit card. We have a Capital One Quicksilver card and earn 1.5% on everything we purchase! We pay it off every month and earn some serious cash rewards. Especially since we put our furniture business expenses on the card.

Open a new checking or savings account for cash. I know you can get $100 and up just for opening a new checking account at many banks. Start adding your “savings” to it every month and you will have your cruise fund built up in no time.

Have two yard sales a year! Our HOA only allows garage sales in April and Oct. Because it’s a community-wide sale we get tons of traffic. What a great way to clean house and earn a ton of cash! Sell those “project pieces” you wish you hadn’t bought!

Clean your closet and sell that extra stuff on the convenient local sales sites. Purses, shoes, belts, and clothes can bring a good amount of money when listed on sites like OfferUp and VarageSale.

Paint a piece a month for your cruise fund. You can put your craft to work for you! Decide to paint one small piece a month and set the money aside for you cruise fund!

Cancel unused subscriptions. Look through your credit card bill and see how many clubs you are subscribed to! Sirius XM, fitness clubs, nutrition clubs, razor blades, movies, car wash services… If you have a re-occurring charge on your card or checking account, ask yourself if you really need or use service or product you are paying extra for.

10 second rule… do you really need it? Every time you want to buy something ask yourself twice if you really need it! It’s so easy to get sucked into sales or good deals when shopping!

Use Red Box over going to the movies. Wait a few months and you can watch that movie for $1.50 instead of $20!

Check your bills! Go over your cell phone, utility, internet and tv bills and quit paying for services you don’t use! Don’t buy that new, latest and greatest phone for $30 a month. You pay top dollar for them. Our cell bill went from $275 a month to $60 when we paid off the phones and cut the usage!

Give your “talent” for gifts. Instead of buying expensive gifts for weddings, babies, and birthdays, give something you have painted! For a new baby you can paint an child’s rocking chair or horse. Newly-weds always need lamps, picture frames, mirrors, bread boxes, trays, etc. All items you buy from a thrift store and easily paint. Pay attention to family and friends you will be giving a gift to for birthdays or Christmas. Listen for hints of things they want that you have painted!

Thrift stores aren’t just great for buying furniture and smalls. Check the racks for high-end clothes or good housewares you need!

Always ask for a discount! Before you pay for anything; doctor bill, appliances, furniture pieces, ect., ask for a discount! You can guarantee you will always get at least 10% off! Seniors get discounts at many stores, restaurants, and movies.

And my favorite… go to Sam’s Club for lunch or ice cream! LOL We used to take our grandkids to the frozen yogurt place for ice cream and it would cost $20 and up! Go to Sam’s and you can buy them a berry sundae for $1.50! Add a hot dog with a drink for another $1.50 What a deal!

Now, that you are saving all this money make sure you put aside in your new cruise checking or savings account!

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