Ronda's Cruise Saving Tips!

This great information came from a fellow cruiser! Thanks Ronda.

I remembered something today that might help YOU pay for the cruise. I know it will definitely help ME pay for it. 🛳️

Years ago, my ex and I bought an old, giant glass jar and started throwing our pocket change into it. We didn't have a plan on what to do with the money and never really thought it would add up to a lot. It was just a place to toss our loose change. Well, it did add up to a lot – and quickly. In less than a year, that jar was about 75% full, so we decided to take the coins to the bank. (This was before the coin counting machines that you find now in grocery stores.) Imagine our delight when we walked out of the bank with enough cash to fly to Southern California and spend a week having fun at Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Universal Studios, SeaWorld and Magic Mountain, baby! (We were young. 🤣)

Although we no longer carry around the "pocket change" we once did, thanks to debit cards, it is still possible to put aside a small amount of money each day that will add up and help tremendously come Cruise Day 2018.

Here are three examples from our life and how WE will be paying for the cruise:

🤑 Our daughter is a server at a breakfast restaurant and hubs and I eat breakfast at her restaurant a couple of Saturday mornings a month. If we give up those Saturday restaurant breakfasts, we will have an extra $750 in our pockets when we embark on October 28, 2018!

🤑 My hubby stops at Starbucks on his drive home from work and buys us both an iced tea. If we forego our daily icy beverages and, instead, set aside that money for the cruise, we will have an extra $2,100 to pay for our cruise!!

🤑 We go out to dinner every Friday night. Sometimes, we take our two (young adult) kids and, sometimes, we dine alone. If we give up the next 60 Friday night restaurant meals, we will save between $3,000 and $4,500!!!

So, you see, giving up just three of our "luxuries" over the next year will pay for our cruise (a balcony stateroom!), our plane tickets to get there, all the “fun” drinks we can drink while on board, our excursions, and more souvenirs than we can carry home with us.

Be creative. Think outside the box. It can be done.

Let’s do this -- together!

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