FPBT CRUISE Classes - 2 Chicks & A Toolbelt

We are so excited and proud to have the two owners of a prominent chalk painting business join us on this cruise. I have found Mina and Michelle (the M & M's) to be as generous as they beautiful and truly run their business with a servant heart. Great customer service is a top priority with this company! They will be presenting four different classes and have really gone the extra mile to provide the attendee's with some great giveaway's. Now is your chance to find out everything you ever wanted to know about chalk paint and much more!


Chalk Paint Business Entrepreneurs



"Creating the Perfect Finish" Almost anyone can paint a piece of furniture but Michelle & Mina will teach us finishing ideas for achieving that “WOW” factor.

"Grow Your Business Income w/CCFP" We can all use more money! The Chalky Chicks will give us extra tools to earn more from affiliate marketing, wholesale pricing, and retail opportunities with Chalky Chicks Furniture Paint.

"Brush up on Brushes" Not all brushes are created equal. The Chalky Chicks are launching their own line of brushes and we will be the first to learn more about them... with discounts too!

"Spray Painting Your Future" Adding this category to your business could open up a whole new world! Not only will we learn all of the tricks of spray painting while using Earlex Paint Guns, two lucky winners will go home with a HV5500 Spray Station, a $350 value!

Michelle's family is military. While on the Island of Guam I started re-finishing furniture because as you might be able to guess, the military is not gentle on furnishings while moving. So, I started the old-fashioned way, A lot of sand paper and primer. After moving back to Utah with my family I moved into the most amazing neighborhood and met Mina. Mina had just moved from California with her family and was adjusting to Utah life. (kinda different from Cali) Mina came over to my house and noticed some of my furniture was painted and an insta-friendship began.

We both started helping each other refinish furniture. After a few years and realizing we really had our brains stuck together, we decided to join forces. Voila! 2 Chicks & A Toolbelt was born. Begat, Whatever.

We started out doing custom orders, building benches and refinishing whatever we could get our hands on. We were using ALL the name brand chalk paints by this time and we just didn't fall in love with any of them. So, we started mixing our own colors. We ended up taking about 26 pieces of furniture to our first show. We almost sold out in 3 hours! But more than that everyone that walked by asked if we sold paint because they loved our color palette. By the end of the show we decided we would figure out how to have our own paint.

We hired a chemist and went to work. We worked, oh and then we worked. Ate some tacos and worked some more. Our chemist would send us a sample and we would do some testing and send it back. We had some huge criteria you see.

1: It had to go on like butter!

2: NO MORE ADDING WATER. You heard me; we wanted it ready to use right out of the jar!

3: Go through an HVLP paint gun beautifully (right out of the jar)

4: We wanted to share the opportunity to get paint at amazing prices so we could help other companies like ours put more money in their pocket. We wanted to bless others’ lives through our paint.

5: Retail price had to be more affordable! (the other brands were so pricy; it was insane!)

Well, we did it! Our families have been a huge blessing to us by supporting us and encouraging us. As well as our wholesalers and DIYers! We are so grateful to be in this world of painters. We often say our favorite part of going to shows is meeting the other vendors. They become family.

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