FPBT CRUISE Classes- Johannah Bruns Back

Every furniture painter loves a great find! We become "pickers" as we look for that perfect piece at the perfect price (hopefully free!). Meeting and learning from a real picker is going to so interesting! Just read her blog posts and you can feel the love she has for anything antique or vintage. This personality-plus lady is going to guide us through the maize of using social media marketing drawing on her extensive experience in building markets in the real world and online.


Picker - Blogger - Vintage Market Consultant



"The Secrets of Picking" She knows how to pick ‘em! Let Johannah guide you in recognizing a great find from the curbside to flea markets to estate sales!

"Make a Splash with Social Media" Love it or hate it, social media is the best friend to furniture painting and is changing the way we do business. Johannah will give tips on how to utilize it to your best advantage

I have been a picker\collector\decorator my whole life. I grew up in an eccentric family of artists and collectors. I studied Interior Design- but never finished my degree, as being a mom of two amazing children always seemed to close the door on my college pursuit. I know what inspires and motivates me. I love the stuff. I love finding the stuff! It’s as easy as that! I have been fortunate enough to have learned so much over the past 30 something years since my first pick at a swap meet in Tucson, Arizona when I was 11 years old! I am an experienced dealer and collector and love making my personal space unique, inviting and special. In this day and age- people want to be expressive and they are finding solace in doing it themselves. Let us help you!

Got Good Bones® is not just a brand. It is a way of life. We all can learn, create, share, brag, and don’t forget buy and sell. When you join the group in your area, please make sure that you follow my blog, and use the website to help you to find lots of great deals. And invite your friends too! We have been offering giveaways to our members since day one!! We have lucky members who have won paint, painting supplies, vintage ephemera, buttons, as well as gift certificates!

Sometimes getting creative and a bit messy while restoring Grandma’s old dresser, or fixing up a table from a local thrift store is just what you need to fulfill your heart and take a break from the stresses of everyday life! Maybe you are reliving special memories while you work on that family heirloom or you are excited about your future while you up-cycle a found piece for your child’s room. Whatever you are working on- creating it yourself will leave you feeling proud of what you have accomplished! I can assure you that as a member of the Got Good Bones® (GGB) Community, you will do all of that and more! We love to share our before and after information and photos in our GGB Project Piece Member Transformations section and feature local businesses in the Best of the Bones Member Spotlight!!”

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