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Straightforward and simple, they say... Up and running in minutes, they say... So easy anyone can do it, they say... This might be very true but even those who are pretty tech savvy need a great coach when launching a website. Finding a great web builder for a furniture painting business has been made easier now that we have Steve to help us. There are tons of aspects of having a business online and Steve will guide us through the maize called the internet!

Steve Evans

Website Designer - Master of Business Administration

Niche Website Pro


"Google Search Importance & SEO" Getting noticed and found on the internet is what it's all about! Steve will help us understand big internet words like optimization!

"Website Building Basics" To build or not to build? So many questions and until now, not that many personal answers. Steve offers great ideas and suggestions for everyone. He also has it all figured out for furniture painting businesses!

"Marketing Online" Internet Marketing is a big hangup for many businesses. We will walk away from this class feeling confident about new marketing strategies!

"Building a Brand" Branding is more than a logo. It's building recognition, trust, value, and identity for your business. Learn the secrets of building a successful brand that will help you develop customer loyalty.

After 20 years working in supply chain management, I was ready for a change. But what to do? I knew I loved helping people, I’ve been trained in process management and how to evaluate a business, I enjoy being creative, I have an MBA, and I’ve learned a fair amount about computers and technology over the years.

Clearly, I should start a business making wood patio furniture….. So, I did. I quit my job and fell back into a beloved hobby, which I picked up while in college, working 2 years at a lodgepole pine furniture making company. My new venture lasted just 1 year, making patio coolers, gas fire pit tables, garage shoe & coat organizers, patio planters, etc. Notably, I didn’t make any money, as I’m too great a perfectionist.

However, I did learn how to make websites, and thus was born my NEXT business.

As a freelance website designer, I’ve spent countless hours learning about website design, hosting, WordPress, plugins, and how to put them all together. I finally figured out that a website with no Search Engine Optimization to pull Google searchers in is like a fish hook with no bait. So, I learned all about optimizing website content and key words to get my customers ranked on page 1 of Google. Then, Facebook and Google advertising.

Today, I focus on what my clients really want, and that’s new business customers, increased revenue, and keeping them focused on the product and not on their online marketing. That’s my job. Its encouraging to me that I get to help people, I’m in a creative environment, using skills learned over the years to help businesses organize and grow. I’m super excited for the upcoming cruise, and look forward to meeting many new people with the same creative entrepreneurial drive.

Steve Evans



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