FPBT CRUISE Classes - Susanna Dussling

Some people are given trials in this life and they know how to rise above them! Susanna is a woman with many talents and will share them with us on the cruise. Prepare to be touched and inspired by this amazing woman. Not only is she going to get us off to a great start she will share her successful ideas on hosting our own workshops!

Susanna Dussling

Inspirational Speaker - Author - Furniture Artisan

Hope and Happiness Fine Vintage Furniture

Center Ring Presentations

Classes and Presentations

Keynote Address "Bouncing Back" As a deaf person who was born with progressive profound hearing loss, Susanna has inspired her audiences with a compelling message of victory over defeat,and the ability to "bounce back" from life's unexpected circumstances.

"Hosting a Painting Workshop" We can earn extra money by hosting a workshop using our painting skills but there are many variables in doing it successfully! Susanna will use her experience in teaching workshops to give us the tips we need to host one profitably.

Susanna Dussling is a top-rated professional keynote speaker, trainer, retail executive, and one of the industry's leading resiliency and adversity experts in success, change, peak performance, bullying, leadership, and hearing loss. Using her talents as an author, writer, accomplished Equestrienne, and as a bilateral cochlear implant wearer, Susanna delivers high-energy presentations that combine humor with compelling stories to help you achieve business and personal success.

From the age of three years, Susanna wore hearing aids and was raised in a hearing world. Because of her hearing loss, she had many challenges in her life - the utmost being speech and communication difficulties; however, these challenges did not stop her from believing in her dreams and becoming a success in her chosen profession or her favorite pastime!

For most of her lifetime, Susanna was in denial about her hearing loss and refused to be seen as being "different" from others. However, after receiving her cochlear implants, her attitude changed. She did not like the way the subject of hearing loss was portrayed by the media. She decided to give hope to others by sharing her story.

"The journey of living with adversity is like endless road construction. However, if you keep driving through the detours, eventually you will see the glorious, swift, endless highway with the magnificent bridge and the sun shining bright."

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